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February 28

Are Quick change tool holders useful on a CNC Lathe?

Yes – Capto quick change tool holders from Sandvik are easily a step towards high production on a CNC lathe.

We have fitted this style of tool holder to five of our eleven CNC lathes. When we looked at the type of quick change connections that were available, how they worked, who offered them, the range of tool types to suit, Sandvik Capto was a clear leader. Our CNC lathes have either the BMT (base mount turret) or a standard wedge block clamp, as the turret design. Quick change holders can fit into either turret very easily and when you have many CNC lathes operating the same system you quickly get the benefit of sharing tools between machines. The Capto system can change a tool from one type to another with ten seconds! We use this for the big roughing jobs on our 15” chucking machine. With two meters between centres the tools can be in cut for a while when the large jobs are in progress. It is very easy to, program a stop, quick change an identical holder (with a new insert) and be cutting again all within ten seconds!

Live tool mill turn Lathe quick change is the next step for us. We have four CNC lathes with live tools, two have Y axis cutting capability and all have second spindles. While we have 22mm face mill arbors, most of our tooling is ER25 collet chucks with a maximum tool holding of 16mm diameter. The next step would be to purchase Capto driven tools to extend the Capto range from the CNC machining centres and CNC lathe fixed tooling to include CNC lathe live tooling as well. Remember a CNC lathe is only working best when the spindle is running… You can read more online at Sandvik Capto

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