Power Tool Racing Auckland 2015

9 October 2015

Power tool racing involves the design and build of a race car that is powered by a standard hand held power tool such as a drill, angle grinder, circular saw or similar. The drag racers are matched against a same powered competitor along a 22 metre track. Pakuranga Engineering Ltd decided that this year, was […]


How rigid is a BT30 Spindle?

29 June 2015

When it’s part of a Milltap 700 machining centre supplied by DMG – it’s very rigid! We have a range of CNC Vertical machining centres and Horizontal machining centres – the Vertical mills all have BT40 spindles and the Horizontal mills have BT50 spindles (double contact). One of our busiest production Vertical mills was in […]


CNC CMM – High accuracy for Pakuranga Engineering Ltd

29 April 2015

A new Aberlink Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) has been ordered by Pakuranga Engineering Ltd. Since 2003 Pakuranga Engineering Ltd has offered CMM measurements to give customers piece of mind on dimensional accuracy of machined parts. Now to remain at the leading lead of industry, we are stepping up to use the […]


Boring heads for Horizontal CNC Machining Centres

29 March 2015

We have two large horizontal CNC machining centres. Our first machine is designed with heavy duty boxway construction and a six pallet pool, we have a machining envelope of X 1250mm Y 1000mm Z800mm, the second machine has high speed linear rails, twin pallets and a machining envelope of X 1000mm Y850mm Z850mm, both are […]


Are Quick change tool holders useful on a CNC Lathe?

28 February 2015

Yes – Capto quick change tool holders from Sandvik are easily a step towards high production on a CNC lathe. We have fitted this style of tool holder to five of our eleven CNC lathes. When we looked at the type of quick change connections that were available, how they worked, who offered them, the […]


How do you Polar Mill on a CNC Mill Turn Lathe?

29 January 2015

Polar milling hexagons and squares with driven tools is very simple if you break it down into basic steps. If you don’t have all the expensive CAM options for your Fanuc controlled CNC lathe but have the functionality of a C axis, then you can get a lot of cutting done through the G12.1 cycle. […]

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