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March 29

Boring heads for Horizontal CNC Machining Centres

We have two large horizontal CNC machining centres. Our first machine is designed with heavy duty boxway construction and a six pallet pool, we have a machining envelope of X 1250mm Y 1000mm Z800mm, the second machine has high speed linear rails, twin pallets and a machining envelope of X 1000mm Y850mm Z850mm, both are fitted with rigid BT50 double contact spindles.
To get the best from a Horizontal machining centre you need the best tooling. We have an extensive range of tools; however we came across a gap in our range for fine boring between 410mm diameter and 480mm diameter. We needed to find a suitable tool that offered all the following characteristics that we expected from any tool of this type.

  • A good range of adjustment
  • Balanced by design, with a movable counter weight that is securely locked
  • Easy micro adjustments
  • Rigid
  • Modular, so that we could choose cutting insert style, and use different inserts
  • Safety by design, with a well-engineered mechanical concept

We choose the new KAISER boring system from BIG Diashowa.
This system has been used on horizontal machining centres for many years and is well proven.
The latest design is an improvement on the earlier models so we ensured that we ordered the newest technology to match our Sandvik Capto C8 couplings.
With the Capto system we can extend the boring reach of these tools and accurately bore depths of 800mm or more.

You can read more online here, at BIG Diashowa



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