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June 29

How rigid is a BT30 Spindle?

When it’s part of a Milltap 700 machining centre supplied by DMG – it’s very rigid!

We have a range of CNC Vertical machining centres and Horizontal machining centres – the Vertical mills all have BT40 spindles and the Horizontal mills have BT50 spindles (double contact). One of our busiest production Vertical mills was in need of replacement, it wasn’t that the machine couldn’t keep doing the job as well as it did the day we purchased it, we just wanted to take the job to the next level and ensure we were using the latest technology to get the parts machined as fast as possible.

DMG offered to supply a BT30 double contact Milltap machine, 24,000 rpm spindle, and the best of CNC controllers from Siemens.
Cautious about how rigid this machine would be, we asked to see a demonstration of our actual part in cut, from the factory. No problem.

We are the first to have this model machining centre in New Zealand. BT30 double contact spindle, 0.9 second chip to chip tool change, 60 meter rapid traverse speed, 60 meter cutting velocity, through spindle cooling; all this makes up an excellent machining package. Don’t be fooled by the name – this is a serious machining centre not just a drilling and tapping machine

You can see more of the Milltap 700 online here

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