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October 9

Power Tool Racing Auckland 2015

Power tool racing involves the design and build of a race car that is powered by a standard hand held power tool such as a drill, angle grinder, circular saw or similar. The drag racers are matched against a same powered competitor along a 22 metre track.

Pakuranga Engineering Ltd decided that this year, was the year that we would enter for the first time.

We tackled this project like we would any other job going through our workshop. We used Solidworks design software to create 3D solid models of the parts before we started cutting material. A quick prototype was made, tested and the design was confirmed. Next stage was to start machining the components using our CNC milling machines, the precision engineering workshop was involved to modify brought in components like the wheels, turn axles, fit bearings, weld up the chassis and fit the engine of the power tool.

Race day arrived, and after a couple of practice runs we had our car tuned to break the three second mark, or 27 kph!

Our racer was powered by Makita, which was provided through sponsorship from ENCO Industrial Supplies Ltd in East Tamaki – thanks ENCO.

Powertool racerPower tool racingPower tool racer

Scenes from race day


The event was organised and made possible through Iscar Plus, Buckley Systems, and Western Springs Speedway.

A great team effort resulted in entertaining racing; you can see all the action here at


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